Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Top 5 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Mobile App Development

Mobile app development varies widely, as so does it’s cost. There are many factors which play a crucial in putting a price-tag on the app development. This article will let you narrow down the 5 major factors that would let you estimate the cost to developing a new iPhone, iPad, or android based mobile application.

App development costs are not merely associated with the tools and time required for its development. It depends on many other crucial factors that are important for successfully putting to practice an idea, it’s marketing, support as well as other technical complexities.

1)Consultation For Mobile App Development

Usually, the mobile app developers hear out the idea of the app and what the client wishes to get out of it. Then, the developers determine the estimated cost involved in the development. It gives an approximate understanding of the entire project, from development to an effective marketing strategy. A consultation session with the development team gives you the following:

  • A consulting report that details the estimated cost
  • Business model
  • Alterations, if any

2)UI And UX Development

The user interface and user experience can make or break the mobile app. These also happen to be the most cost and time-consuming fields in an app development. Both stages determine the overall cost of development. The UI and UX development stage includes the following aspects:

  • Studying the design and layout of similar mobile apps.
  • Developing a unique app logo
  • Creating different styles for main screens
  • Developing app mock-ups

3)Cost Of Hardware Components Involved

Today, smartphones are beefed up with different hardware components such as heart rate sensors, Bluetooth, GPS, and much more. This hardware vary according to the operating systems and the device type. Ensuring that the app is compatible with these components involve testing the app on different hardware components. This increases the cost of development but is mandatory.

4)Technical App Development Complexity

Apart from the primary feature of the mobile app, there can be millions of secondary functions which can be added to the app. These features also reckon the technical complexity of the project. Some common features that add to the cost of the development of an app are

Third-Party App Integration

Some features of the mobile apps need the addition of third party libraries and services. Integrating third party services by mobile app Development like Facebook, Google+, etc. are important elements that make up a successful app.

Backend Development
An operating system which is responsible for availing relevant APIs for the exchange of data between an application and database is termed as the backend development.

5)Post-Release Charges (promotions, marketing etc.)

The budget for developing a mobile application does not solely comprise the charges for programming. An app is a product, which would need proper marketing once it has been created. After the launch, the mobile app would need updates, support, maintenance, and promotion for the overall success of the app.