Monday, 9 October 2017

Top Trends Every iOS App Development Company Should Follow

Apple has launched iOS-based iPhone in 2007 and since then iOS devices have been becoming more and more popular each year. Although iOS devices are expensive as compared to other smart devices but due to the high quality these devices have, they remain in huge demand. iOS app development companies are also doing well as they follow top trends in iOS app development to deliver so many highly useful iOS apps.

Expert says that iPhone App development done using the new trends will be more beneficial. Therefore each iPhone app development company should keep this in mind to produce amazing iPhone apps.

Now we will discuss the top trends which every iOS app development company should follow:-

  • GPS and Beacons Technology

The latest iBeacon technology is becoming very popular and it is adding more functionalities in the iPhone app with the help of GPS technology. This technology helps in merging online and the offline difference for many fields like finance, retail sector, and event management. Also, it can be integrated into kitchen appliances, washing machines, lighting etc. This can show the information about a nearby shopping mall, restaurant to the users. Many businesses are using the iBeacon technology for their marketing and soon want to increase its commercial applications. Hence the iOS app development companies should be ready to use these technologies while developing iPhone apps.

  • Use of IoT in Apps

IoT or Internet of Things is one of the latest trends in iOS app development which is capable of creating an internet of things or devices connected to each other. The iOS application developers are using internet-enabled devices to make of IoT. The users can connect their devices with internet-enabled devices. So many home kits have been launched in the areas of consumer iOS app development. Using GPS sensor technology, iOS app developers are more capable of integrating IoT with consumer applications. Many companies are investing a lot in IoT technology.

  • Swift 3.0 Programming Language

Swift programming is getting more and more popular among iPhone developers ever since it was launched two years ago by Apple. Swift is an open source programming language and can be used for the iOS app development. Swift will soon take over the Objective C. With the introduction of Swift 3.0, the iPhone app developers should be well aware of the migration requirements. Swift has brought in many changes and conventions which the iPhone developers should learn and follow.

  • Augmented Reality has arrived

Augmented reality has found enormous use in the field of iPhone app development using the GPS technology. AR has also brought kind of revolution in the mobile app gaming industry as it allows the iOS app developers to integrate AR for advanced 3-D gaming app development. Along with AR, VR is also gaining significance. Hence the developers should learn these technologies so that they can use them in iPhone apps.

  • App Security is important

Recently as with the launch of Swift programming language, Apple is adopting an open source outlook. It raises the concern for security in iPhone apps. With the technologies like AR, VR, IoT and iBeacon, the field of iOS app development is becoming more interesting but it also requires that the iPhone app developers should address the issues of iPhone app security at urgent basis. Consumers do so many activities like financial transactions through smartphones when their personal data is stored in the smartphones and security issues should be well-taken care by iPhone developers.


The iPhone developers should keep themselves up to date with the current updates in iPhone app development. We have just discussed some of the latest trends in iPhone app development which the developers should master if they want to develop the iPhone app with the latest technology. Using these trends the developers will be able to develop and deliver efficient, secure and highly advanced iPhone apps for their clients.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

How CakePHP framework is best for building large Scale Business websites?

If you use a framework for website development then it can save lots of your time and efforts in the development process. Framework often provides stability and reliability to the web development work as the components of the framework are developed to work together and are thoroughly tested. There are many different frameworks available for developers for web development based upon the platforms like PHP,.Net, J2EE. When we talk about PHP development, CakePHP is widely used by the web developers as it offers many advantages over others. CakePHP is an open source platform which allows the development of dynamic websites and web application with ease. CakePHP is a well-organized platform which is integrated with perfect elements which are required for large scale web development.

CakePHP with its well structured MVC platform provides better management of code. You can quickly start a project in this. Therefore nearly 45% of the business websites these days use CakePHP development to develop their business websites. With CakePHP, even complex business websites can be developed smoothly as there is a huge community support available with this platform. These were some of the reasons why CakePHP is preferred for development of large scale websites for businesses. There are many others benefits for which developers prefer CakePHP for website development which is as follows:-

MVC Pattern

CakePHP is best for large scale web sites and web application development due to its Model-View-Controller pattern. In this MVC driven pattern, it is much easy to separate the website’s or web application’s logic from its design and presentation which makes it easy to encapsulate any changes within the code or design of the application without having to affect the other.

Code Reusability

In CakePHP, the CakePHP developer of this PHP framework can create codes which are reusable. As the code can be used again hence it reduces the efforts of the developers. Therefore time involved in CakePHP development is rather less as the developers are not required to write the code from scratch which can be a very time-consuming task. Developers can reuse the code which is already available easily.

Testing is Easy

With CakePHP framework, developers can easily create the tests for checking the critical points in the web application. Core tests and customized tests can be performed on the web applications to check their integrity at various points in the development process. Therefore it is really helpful in the development of large web applications which may require performance checking at many crucial points during the entire development process.

No need of Configurations

In CakePHP, the developers don’t need to do the configuration tasks as they don’t need to specify things like library, location or URL details of the site anywhere in the code. The developers just need to set up the database connection settings. Hence developers can spend more time to create the logic and to do core tasks of the CakePHP web development process.

Customization is easy

In CakePHP, it is possible for the developers to add some custom or special functionality in web applications through some custom components, behaviors, helpers or plugins. Hence you can easily customize your project and develop it the way you want it to be.


As we have just discussed, CakePHP is a reliable framework for the development of large scale websites or web applications. If you want large scale website development for your business then you can contact any expert CakePHP development company. Definitely web application development in CakePHP will give a boost to your business.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

How to hire Android Developers?

Android is right now the most popular platform to develop mobile apps and has currently 80% of the market share with Apple’s iOS at a distant second. Most of the companies want to launch Android app for their business in a hurry. If you are also planning to hire Android developer then you have to first understand the whole mobile app development process so that based on some criteria you can hire them.

You should hire the dedicated developers to build your Android App. You can either hire Android developers which are doing freelancing work or an Android mobile app development company. You should do thorough research and select the best Android developers. Now we will discuss the tips to hire best Android developers which can fulfill your business goals.

  • Experience matters

When you are searching for the best Android app developer then you should focus on the developer’s experience. You should find out whether the Android developer has worked on similar projects before. If the Android app developer has worked on the similar project then it is highly likely that he will complete your project also successfully. You can also contact the clients of the Android developer to verify the claims of the developer. They can also give you their first-hand experience of working with the Android developer.

  • Don’t make price as the sole criteria

Although it is important to go for Android development where cost is not high but you should not select the Android developers just on the basis of price they are charging to build your app. If some company or Android developer is charging too low then it can also mean that their quality standards are not good enough. Hence take your decision carefully.

  • Communication skills

Android app development lifecycle is a process. You need to communicate your requirements, changes, feedbacks at many points of time during and after the development process to the Android developer. The quality of app depends on your ability to effectively communicate required app functionality and features to an Android developer. Check what kind of communication channels they use like Skype, email, chat, phone or a project management tool/software. The Android developer should regularly provide the status update of the project to you. Even after the development process, you may need some changes to be implemented or your app may require some maintenance work hence check whether the Android developer provides support and maintenance after the project is over.

  • Proper Testing in important

The Android world is very diverse as there are so many devices of different sizes and versions of operating systems. Hence it will not be possible to maintain consistency across all devices. You should ask your Android developer about testing procedures and bug fixing. You need to know what kind of Quality assurance procedures and standards the Android developer follows and how quickly the bugs will be fixed.

  • Get Non Disclosure Agreement Signed from the developer

An Android app is all about the idea and its successful implementation and execution on time. Hence you need to protect your app idea. Before you hire an Android developer, you should sign a NDA or a legal contract which clearly states the terms and conditions.

As we have just discussed it is not easy to hire best Android developer unless and until you do the thorough research yourself. This needs time and analysis. If you use the above points and criteria in mind then you can accomplish this task quickly and effectively and it can save time, resources and money for you.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Features of CakePHP which enable you to build amazing websites

CakePHP is a framework which is used to build amazing dynamic websites for your business. CakePHP ensures that you are using cutting edge technology in developing a bug-free and flexible website. Nowadays, most of the businesses are trying to find online presence by building websites for them. CakePHP is an open source PHP framework which can help the businesses to create most robust websites which are customizable and meets all the requirements of the businesses.

Why Choose CakePHP?

CakePHP supports an MVC (Model View Controller) which provides a great environment for the designers and the developers to work on the project together and saves lots of project development time. If you hire CakePHP Programmer which offers professional CakePHP development services then he will maintain the consistency and quality in the design, development, customization, and maintenance of the business websites based on CakePHP. The platform helps to create best websites which are compatible with W3C web guidelines. Using CakePHP you will get the cost effective website for your business.
Now we will discuss some of the amazing features of CakePHP framework.

CakePHP is user-friendly

This feature helps the CakePHP developer to create a robust business website with smart features for the clients in an easy way as CakePHP is very user-friendly. It provides you with customizable technology for your business website and delivers a unique template which can be edited and which helps you to design and develop web pages in most easy way.

CakePHP Websites are Robust

This feature allows the powerful data validation process for your business website. It allows you to simplify the complex structures of your website using advanced tools and also supports you to develop the website having support for many international languages.

CakePHP helps in innovation

It provides an easy way to implement creative ideas which are needed in developing business websites. It also supports user based unit testing facility within the CakePHP framework. It provides the required skills so that your business website has all the important features and functionality. Also it provides many resources with in-depth programming to implement in your website.

Customizable and Scalable

This feature makes your website based on CakePHP as most customizable and scalable. It has many customizable extensions, plugins, and components available to give you many required features to attract more customers and to satisfy your business needs. It provides the easiest way for customizable solutions at most affordable rates.

CRUD Support

This feature provides three major activities in web application and helps the developer to generate a single line of code for your website. The CRUD term stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete, which can be used to customize the application for specific business requirements.

In-built Support for Testing

CakePHP enables the testing process which helps you to analyze the code and fixing the errors in your website code so that it will be easier for you to develop the site when you are creating a large web application. Hence you can identify and remove the bugs easily.


CakePHP is no doubt the most versatile and innovative framework to build complex websites with ease. It enables the developers to implement their creativity and optimize the web application and provides you with most reliable platform to give a major boost to your online business.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Why Mobile Apps are Beneficial for Startups

Currently, in the internet world, more than 80% of the websites are using PHP as a server side scripting language. This shows that PHP is much more popular than other technologies like Java, ASP.NET, Python and ColdFusion. PHP has a huge developer community which keeps on updating it. Recently PHP 7 was released which gives improved performance, consistent 64 bit support and reduced memory consumption. Therefore PHP is and will remain a successful platform for the Web application development.

Now we will discuss some of the benefits of PHP for Web Application Development.

Inbuilt Features for Web Development

PHP was primarily built for web development while other programming languages were also built for web and desktop. Therefore PHP has some specific features which are needed for building websites and web applications. In PHP, you can use the inbuilt classes and functions to do so many web development operations. You can even call the functions and classes from anywhere in the code.

  • PHP is platform independent

PHP is not specific to any particular operating system and it runs well on all major OS like Windows, Linux, Max OS etc. Hence the PHP web applications can run smoothly on all platforms without any issue whatsoever. If you are a PHP developer then you must be knowing that you can deploy the PHP application on all the major web servers like Apache, Netscape, IIS etc. Hence you can create web applications using PHP without thinking about the deployment and host issues.

  • PHP Supports all popular Databases

On the internet, most of the web applications work with a large amount of data and everyone wants that that these operations should be very fast. Hence companies want to use the fastest database. PHP supports all of the popular databases like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, dBase, ODBC etc. Hence you can use the database which is best and as per requirements.

  • Web Development using LAMP

You can do the PHP Application development work and deployment of PHP applications in the LAMP stack. LAMP includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP all of which are freely and easily available and used.

  • PHP is flexible

PHP has some similarity with C and C++ as it was developed and designed based on these languages. Hence so many people find it easy to understand and write code in PHP. PHP is a server side language and you can write and use PHP code in many ways. You also embed the PHP code in HTML or also combine the PHP code with web frameworks. You can also run PHP code through command line interface. Therefore PHP is known as a flexible language.

  • PHP is Open Source

PHP is an Open Source language and is distributed freely. If you use PHP then you don’t have to pay any license fee. Hence PHP allows you to design and develop web applications for free.

  • Major popular frameworks are based on PHP

There are so many open source frameworks available which are based on PHP like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Magento, Phalcom etc. Hence using these open source frameworks and libraries you can save lots of your development time and cost.

  • PHP is backed by huge open source community

PHP has been developed by large open source community of developers which are from various parts of the world. You can also interact with this community through online forums and blogs. If you are a PHP developer and if you face any issue then you can ask in these communities and resolve your issue very fast.


We have just given you some benefits of using PHP for Web Application Development. Using PHP you will get benefits of existing frameworks, libraries, plugins and open source community and can save your lots of time and effort in writing the already available code. PHP is easy to learn and fast in running and at the same time offers advanced features. Therefore in the coming future demand for web applications based on PHP will increase even more.

Monday, 10 July 2017

How to Successfully launch your mobile app?

It takes lots of efforts of business owners, designers and mobile app developers to create a wonderful mobile app but it will not help if the people for whom the mobile app is developed, don’t know about it even after launching the mobile app. In today’s time, most of the people only hear about the success stories. There are so many amazing apps we have not heard about even after many years of their launch. There are so many apps launched daily. There are almost mobile apps for each idea like booking movie ticket, paying bills, do mobile banking, reading books, editing photos etc. There are so many apps which perform these actions in a best possible way but you have not heard about all of them.

Hence launching your mobile app successfully is important. Some mobile app owners believe that their app will automatically become successful by word of mouth marketing. This is not so easy. Your app should come into public recognition and not only in App store. Hence you should be prepared to spend on marketing of your mobile app. But even that can’t guarantee success. A well-planned approach is needed. You have to devise a concrete strategy and should work on it for the success of your mobile app. If you have developed your mobile app for iOS platform by taking app development services of iPhone App development company then they can also guide you to follow the right much-needed approach for the success of your app.

There are some points you must think and take care for the successful launch of your mobile app.

  • Select right people as a brand ambassador of your app

If you select some elite and famous personalities to promote your app then it would be great. You have to select the right people which have a trustworthy public image and strong reputation. Due to this so many people who were earlier not interested in your app will start taking interest in it as their favorite personality be it some sports star or movie actor, are promoting it. If your app is based on Android and you have taken service of an Android app development company then they will highlight you about the importance of promoting your app right from the start and before and after the lauThere must be some purpose of your app but most mobile app owners fail to convey their message to the people. Hence you should tell the people what your app do, how it can make the life easier for them and what are its benefits. You can write blogs or you can create and promote videos messages to tell these things to people.

  • Thorough research on the Target Audience

You should do thorough research on your target audience, the people for which you have developed this app. You should know the habits, like and dislikes of your target audience. If you know what your audience likes in your app then you can make plan and strategy to fulfill their needs so that they are satisfied. Hence you should find out the most relevant users and then target them. A top iPhone app development company will work towards satisfying the target audience of the app by providing app with those features and functionality which they like.

  • Launch the app on some occasion

If you launch the app on some occasion or festival then there are more chances of its success as on festivals or holidays people have more time to read the news, use the newly launched app. For e.g. Launch of Gaming apps is best suited for holidays. Hence you should do research to find out the right occasion to launch your app.

  • Explain and Convey to people the purpose of the app

There must be some purpose of your app but most mobile app owners fail to convey their message to the people. Hence you should tell the people what your app does, how it can make the life easier for them and what are its benefits. You can write blogs or you can create and promote videos messages to tell these things to people. An experienced Mobile Application development company will definitely highlight the importance of conveying your message to people right from the start of the app development.
In the end, we can say that although designing and development of the app is most important step it is also important to carefully plan and execute the launch of your mobile app. If you make a solid plan by doing thorough research about the launch of your app then it will be a sure shot success and become popular immediately.

Monday, 3 July 2017

How to Pick Right Mobile Application Developer?

In today’s time, there are so many Mobile application developers and mobile app development companies. These companies are ready and eager to develop unique mobile applications for their clients. But the question is How to choose the best mobile app development company or which are the best mobile application, developers?

The mobile development company which you are choosing should have some common things like it should have expert mobile app developers which can work on your project with dedication. Your selected company should work with you by effective communication and should give valuable inputs during the development of the mobile app. Your selected company should also have many years of experience in working on the latest technology. The mobile app developers which you are hiring should have good analytical, technical, problem-solving and designing skills.

Also, there are some factors like trust, hard work, reputation etc which also you should consider. Although it is not easy to find a genuine company. Here we are giving you few tips which can help you to choose a right mobile app development company.

  • Search the mobile app development company based on your location and budget

You should search for the right mobile app development company or Mobile app developers through references, social media, search engine etc. Make a list of companies and consider them according to your geographic area and budget.

  • Search for a company having good portfolio

Once you have created the list of companies then you should check their portfolios and select the ones which have attractive portfolios. Looking at the portfolio, you can know about their technical expertise, project theme, and business domain etc. If they have worked on the similar project then you can have a glimpse of it and can have an idea of their work and skills.

  • Check testimonials and feedback

If their clients are happy and satisfied then it is an important factor. Hence check the testimonials and feedbacks. You can even ask for contacts of their clients and check them for the quality of work the company has done. Happy clients is a positive sign. Hence check the testimonials of the mobile development company which can tell you whether their clients are satisfied or not.

  • Transparency

You should check the company’s software product development cycle and transparency policy. If they follow feedback loop and prompt action for error and changes then it is an important factor.Agile methodology to develop software product can help in the faster development and transparent communication. There should be a system for effective and transparent communication between client and the company which is very important.

  • Search for Affordability

Cost is an important factor. You should search for the company which fits within your budget. If your project is complex then it can cost your little more. Also, consider the deadline as it can affect the cost. There are many companies with excellent technical expertise where you can outsource your mobile app development work and they will easily fit into your budget. India is one of such budget friendly location.

  • Maintenance and Support

You should select a company which is giving 24*7 technical and customer support because there is going to be lots of communication between you and the company before your mobile app can take final shape. Also, check whether they provide maintenance after the mobile app is complete as you may need to do some changes or need to add more features into your app in future.
Hence you should look for a company which is interested in your business also and not just the development. With their experience in developing a similar mobile app, they can give you great insights about the business of the company. If you will follow the above factors you will be able to select the best mobile app developers or mobile app development company for your mobile app development which will not only develop a great app for you but also will provide many tips for the success of your mobile app in its business.

Top Trends Every iOS App Development Company Should Follow

Apple has launched iOS-based iPhone in 2007 and since then iOS devices have been becoming more and more popular each year. Although iOS ...