Thursday, 10 August 2017

How to hire Android Developers?

Android is right now the most popular platform to develop mobile apps and has currently 80% of the market share with Apple’s iOS at a distant second. Most of the companies want to launch Android app for their business in a hurry. If you are also planning to hire Android developer then you have to first understand the whole mobile app development process so that based on some criteria you can hire them.

You should hire the dedicated developers to build your Android App. You can either hire Android developers which are doing freelancing work or an Android mobile app development company. You should do thorough research and select the best Android developers. Now we will discuss the tips to hire best Android developers which can fulfill your business goals.
  • Experience matters
When you are searching for the best Android app developer then you should focus on the developer’s experience. You should find out whether the Android developer has worked on similar projects before. If the Android app developer has worked on the similar project then it is highly likely that he will complete your project also successfully. You can also contact the clients of the Android developer to verify the claims of the developer. They can also give you their first-hand experience of working with the Android developer.

  • Don’t make price as the sole criteria
Although it is important to go for Android development where cost is not high but you should not select the Android developers just on the basis of price they are charging to build your app. If some company or Android developer is charging too low then it can also mean that their quality standards are not good enough. Hence take your decision carefully.
  • Communication skills
Android app development lifecycle is a process. You need to communicate your requirements, changes, feedbacks at many points of time during and after the development process to the Android developer. The quality of app depends on your ability to effectively communicate required app functionality and features to an Android developer. Check what kind of communication channels they use like Skype, email, chat, phone or a project management tool/software. The Android developer should regularly provide the status update of the project to you. Even after the development process, you may need some changes to be implemented or your app may require some maintenance work hence check whether the Android developer provides support and maintenance after the project is over.
  • Proper Testing in important
The Android world is very diverse as there are so many devices of different sizes and versions of operating systems. Hence it will not be possible to maintain consistency across all devices. You should ask your Android developer about testing procedures and bug fixing. You need to know what kind of Quality assurance procedures and standards the Android developer follows and how quickly the bugs will be fixed.
  • Get Non Disclosure Agreement Signed from the developer
An Android app is all about the idea and its successful implementation and execution on time. Hence you need to protect your app idea. Before you hire an Android developer, you should sign a NDA or a legal contract which clearly states the terms and conditions.

As we have just discussed it is not easy to hire best Android developer unless and until you do the thorough research yourself. This needs time and analysis. If you use the above points and criteria in mind then you can accomplish this task quickly and effectively and it can save time, resources and money for you.