Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Trends that will define Future of Mobile App Development

People around the world are using smartphones every day for many tasks. Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s life. A huge number of people download mobile applications on their smartphones. Hence the demand for mobile applications will keep on increasing and the people involved in the development of mobile apps will get rewarded in future also. Right now Google Apps, Social media, banking, booking, and gaming apps are dominating the mobile application market. Big companies are using mobile apps for branding, direct marketing and to engage more with the customers. An effective mobile strategy is required for these companies to drive future growth also in mobile app development. Companies also need to have a clear vision as how to follow the coming trends in mobile app development market? Here we are discussing the trends that will define future of mobile application development.

  • Gadgets You Can Wear

Trend for wearable devices will grow in coming years. Smart wearables like Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens are becoming more and more popular as we can see the transition from basic to smart wearables. This transition has given major opportunities to mobile app developers and smart device makers. In coming time, smartphones will be connected to networked devices such as watches, wearable gadgets like healthcare sensors, display devices, smart watches among many sensors which will be embedded in people’s clothes. These devices and gadgets will communicate with mobile apps and update information quickly. With such technology coming soon, we will see launching of many products related to health care, sports, fashion, fitness etc. Hence we can say that wearable devices connected to mobiles and smartphones are going to become even more popular and will define mobile app development. The mobile app developers will have to keep them updated with the new technology if they want to remain in this sector or field.

  • Shopping from mobiles

Research says that trend of shopping and purchasing from mobiles and smartphones is going to stay and even gather more momentum in the years to come. Popularity of mobile applications which are related to purchasing things online from mobile is going to increase more and more. Therefore Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Paytm and some banking apps are getting more popular. Mobile app developers should develop mobile applications which can process transactions without need of debit card, credit card or cash. Hence m-commerce will grow a lot in coming years.

  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Recently research reports say that more and more companies are investing in artificial intelligence in recent years and there will be 300% more investment in AI in 2017 as compared to 2016. Mobile app development will be using more AI tools like cognitive interfaces, machine learning, and advanced analytics and become more powerful. Large enterprises like Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook etc are already investing more in AI and related technologies and this trend will continue in years to come.

  • Virtual Reality will get more popular

One of the most important mobile application trend in coming years is virtual reality. Many companies have launched games based on Virtual Reality. Recent reports say that there will be $30 Billion market for Virtual Reality by 2020. Google has launched Cardboard in 2014 using virtual reality. Also other big companies like Facebook, HTC, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft have launched their respective products using Virtual Reality.

Here we have discussed some of the mobile application development trends which the Mobile application developers and the people will see in coming years. As these trends will define the future shape of smartphone and mobile phone industry hence these are important trends and mobile phone companies are investing more in the related technologies to meet up the challenges and opportunities in these fields.

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