Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Android Mobile App Development Services Myths Busted

If you are new to Android mobile app developing industry then you must have received so many advice from your friends. Some of these advice can be encouraging and some may create doubt in your mind. It is not true that everything that others say from their experience is true and valid as the internet world is filled with so many “expert tips” some of which might not be true.

Many Android app developers who are new to this field, often get confused with so many information which are contradictory in nature and come from popular sources. Here we will be discussing about some popular myths which surround around Android Mobile App Development and try to understand if these myths really hold true or not.

Android is not appropriate for earning money

This is the most popular myth, people hear most often. But the fact is that Android is the most used mobile platform in the world. More than 50% of the mobile users are using Android based mobile phones. This shows that Android platform is more favourable for making money than any other platform. So why this myth? It is due to the fact that mobile marketing companies lack innovation in marketing. Most android users don't like to pay for an app. But that doesn't mean that you cannot earn money from an app. There may be many different ways of making money on Android platform, its just that the developers should experiment more with innovative strategies. And, it not a big deal to find a way to earn money from the users to achieve your desired financial goals.

Pay-to-download apps are more successful

In the market of Android App Development the myth is that pay-to-download apps earn more money are are successful while the fact is that free apps bring developers more money. In 2016, free apps were downloaded by users 287 billion times while only 3 billions paid app were downloaded. Therefore mobile users prefer free apps thus your marketing efforts should be in right direction.

Always trust your gut feeling than trusting a team of paid experts

If you have developed an Android app and its due to all of your efforts and you think that allguaranteed.  of your thoughts and ideas are right then you are wrong as it will not lead to any profits. You can trust your gut feeling also but modern mobile marketing is also about thorough data research, analysis, testing and reaching out to clients and taking decisions after taking care of the feedbacks. Trusting your feelings and ideas led to the creation of this Android mobile app and Android app development but also you should take into consideration the figures and result of analysis.

When Android App is done, all work is done

If you have a team of Android App developers and If you have developed an app, published it on Play store, won an advertising deal and now you think that its time to sit back and wait for money to flow to you then you are wrong. Offering relevant content and updating features is also necessary otherwise user will forget about your app and will delete it. To keep your app make money, you have to work on that for 24 hours a day. You have to gather statistics and look for new channels to engage customers. If you will stop working, revenue will also stop flowing.

They are only few of the Myths which we have busted. There can be much more. If you have created an Android App then you have to constantly upgrade your app to make it attractive to the app users. If you pour in little bit of creativity and hard work into your Android mobile app then success is guaranteed. Millions of people will download it and use it and you will be making lots of money from advertising itself even if you have kept the app free to download.

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