Thursday, 31 August 2017

How CakePHP framework is best for building large Scale Business websites?

If you use a framework for website development then it can save lots of your time and efforts in the development process. Framework often provides stability and reliability to the web development work as the components of the framework are developed to work together and are thoroughly tested. There are many different frameworks available for developers for web development based upon the platforms like PHP,.Net, J2EE. When we talk about PHP development, CakePHP is widely used by the web developers as it offers many advantages over others. CakePHP is an open source platform which allows the development of dynamic websites and web application with ease. CakePHP is a well-organized platform which is integrated with perfect elements which are required for large scale web development.

CakePHP with its well structured MVC platform provides better management of code. You can quickly start a project in this. Therefore nearly 45% of the business websites these days use CakePHP development to develop their business websites. With CakePHP, even complex business websites can be developed smoothly as there is a huge community support available with this platform. These were some of the reasons why CakePHP is preferred for development of large scale websites for businesses. There are many others benefits for which developers prefer CakePHP for website development which is as follows:-

MVC Pattern

CakePHP is best for large scale web sites and web application development due to its Model-View-Controller pattern. In this MVC driven pattern, it is much easy to separate the website’s or web application’s logic from its design and presentation which makes it easy to encapsulate any changes within the code or design of the application without having to affect the other.

Code Reusability

In CakePHP, the CakePHP developer of this PHP framework can create codes which are reusable. As the code can be used again hence it reduces the efforts of the developers. Therefore time involved in CakePHP development is rather less as the developers are not required to write the code from scratch which can be a very time-consuming task. Developers can reuse the code which is already available easily.

Testing is Easy

With CakePHP framework, developers can easily create the tests for checking the critical points in the web application. Core tests and customized tests can be performed on the web applications to check their integrity at various points in the development process. Therefore it is really helpful in the development of large web applications which may require performance checking at many crucial points during the entire development process.

No need of Configurations

In CakePHP, the developers don’t need to do the configuration tasks as they don’t need to specify things like library, location or URL details of the site anywhere in the code. The developers just need to set up the database connection settings. Hence developers can spend more time to create the logic and to do core tasks of the CakePHP web development process.

Customization is easy

In CakePHP, it is possible for the developers to add some custom or special functionality in web applications through some custom components, behaviors, helpers or plugins. Hence you can easily customize your project and develop it the way you want it to be.


As we have just discussed, CakePHP is a reliable framework for the development of large scale websites or web applications. If you want large scale website development for your business then you can contact any expert CakePHP development company. Definitely web application development in CakePHP will give a boost to your business.

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