Monday, 9 October 2017

Top Trends Every iOS App Development Company Should Follow

Apple has launched iOS-based iPhone in 2007 and since then iOS devices have been becoming more and more popular each year. Although iOS devices are expensive as compared to other smart devices but due to the high quality these devices have, they remain in huge demand. iOS app development companies are also doing well as they follow top trends in iOS app development to deliver so many highly useful iOS apps.

Expert says that iPhone App development done using the new trends will be more beneficial. Therefore each iPhone app development company should keep this in mind to produce amazing iPhone apps.

Now we will discuss the top trends which every iOS app development company should follow:-

  • GPS and Beacons Technology

The latest iBeacon technology is becoming very popular and it is adding more functionalities in the iPhone app with the help of GPS technology. This technology helps in merging online and the offline difference for many fields like finance, retail sector, and event management. Also, it can be integrated into kitchen appliances, washing machines, lighting etc. This can show the information about a nearby shopping mall, restaurant to the users. Many businesses are using the iBeacon technology for their marketing and soon want to increase its commercial applications. Hence the iOS app development companies should be ready to use these technologies while developing iPhone apps.

  • Use of IoT in Apps

IoT or Internet of Things is one of the latest trends in iOS app development which is capable of creating an internet of things or devices connected to each other. The iOS application developers are using internet-enabled devices to make of IoT. The users can connect their devices with internet-enabled devices. So many home kits have been launched in the areas of consumer iOS app development. Using GPS sensor technology, iOS app developers are more capable of integrating IoT with consumer applications. Many companies are investing a lot in IoT technology.

  • Swift 3.0 Programming Language

Swift programming is getting more and more popular among iPhone developers ever since it was launched two years ago by Apple. Swift is an open source programming language and can be used for the iOS app development. Swift will soon take over the Objective C. With the introduction of Swift 3.0, the iPhone app developers should be well aware of the migration requirements. Swift has brought in many changes and conventions which the iPhone developers should learn and follow.

  • Augmented Reality has arrived

Augmented reality has found enormous use in the field of iPhone app development using the GPS technology. AR has also brought kind of revolution in the mobile app gaming industry as it allows the iOS app developers to integrate AR for advanced 3-D gaming app development. Along with AR, VR is also gaining significance. Hence the developers should learn these technologies so that they can use them in iPhone apps.

  • App Security is important

Recently as with the launch of Swift programming language, Apple is adopting an open source outlook. It raises the concern for security in iPhone apps. With the technologies like AR, VR, IoT and iBeacon, the field of iOS app development is becoming more interesting but it also requires that the iPhone app developers should address the issues of iPhone app security at urgent basis. Consumers do so many activities like financial transactions through smartphones when their personal data is stored in the smartphones and security issues should be well-taken care by iPhone developers.


The iPhone developers should keep themselves up to date with the current updates in iPhone app development. We have just discussed some of the latest trends in iPhone app development which the developers should master if they want to develop the iPhone app with the latest technology. Using these trends the developers will be able to develop and deliver efficient, secure and highly advanced iPhone apps for their clients.

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