Monday, 17 July 2017

Why Mobile Apps are Beneficial for Startups

Currently, in the internet world, more than 80% of the websites are using PHP as a server side scripting language. This shows that PHP is much more popular than other technologies like Java, ASP.NET, Python and ColdFusion. PHP has a huge developer community which keeps on updating it. Recently PHP 7 was released which gives improved performance, consistent 64 bit support and reduced memory consumption. Therefore PHP is and will remain a successful platform for the Web application development.

Now we will discuss some of the benefits of PHP for Web Application Development.

Inbuilt Features for Web Development

PHP was primarily built for web development while other programming languages were also built for web and desktop. Therefore PHP has some specific features which are needed for building websites and web applications. In PHP, you can use the inbuilt classes and functions to do so many web development operations. You can even call the functions and classes from anywhere in the code.

  • PHP is platform independent

PHP is not specific to any particular operating system and it runs well on all major OS like Windows, Linux, Max OS etc. Hence the PHP web applications can run smoothly on all platforms without any issue whatsoever. If you are a PHP developer then you must be knowing that you can deploy the PHP application on all the major web servers like Apache, Netscape, IIS etc. Hence you can create web applications using PHP without thinking about the deployment and host issues.

  • PHP Supports all popular Databases

On the internet, most of the web applications work with a large amount of data and everyone wants that that these operations should be very fast. Hence companies want to use the fastest database. PHP supports all of the popular databases like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, dBase, ODBC etc. Hence you can use the database which is best and as per requirements.

  • Web Development using LAMP

You can do the PHP Application development work and deployment of PHP applications in the LAMP stack. LAMP includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP all of which are freely and easily available and used.

  • PHP is flexible

PHP has some similarity with C and C++ as it was developed and designed based on these languages. Hence so many people find it easy to understand and write code in PHP. PHP is a server side language and you can write and use PHP code in many ways. You also embed the PHP code in HTML or also combine the PHP code with web frameworks. You can also run PHP code through command line interface. Therefore PHP is known as a flexible language.

  • PHP is Open Source

PHP is an Open Source language and is distributed freely. If you use PHP then you don’t have to pay any license fee. Hence PHP allows you to design and develop web applications for free.

  • Major popular frameworks are based on PHP

There are so many open source frameworks available which are based on PHP like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Magento, Phalcom etc. Hence using these open source frameworks and libraries you can save lots of your development time and cost.

  • PHP is backed by huge open source community

PHP has been developed by large open source community of developers which are from various parts of the world. You can also interact with this community through online forums and blogs. If you are a PHP developer and if you face any issue then you can ask in these communities and resolve your issue very fast.


We have just given you some benefits of using PHP for Web Application Development. Using PHP you will get benefits of existing frameworks, libraries, plugins and open source community and can save your lots of time and effort in writing the already available code. PHP is easy to learn and fast in running and at the same time offers advanced features. Therefore in the coming future demand for web applications based on PHP will increase even more.

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