Thursday, 19 January 2017

Android App Development- From where it all started?

In the year 2005, Google purchased Android Inc for just $50 million and within just 10 years it became a billion dollar company and helped Google to gain a stronghold on the mobile market. Earlier Google developed a platform for mobile devices which was powered by Linux Kernal and firmly transformed into the Android brand as it is today. Since 2008, Android is rolling out constant updates to streamline the improvements in its operating system, interface, and backend core codes.

There has been a sudden surge in the need for Android apps, and every business firm is looking out for Android App Development Company which can offer them a feature-
rich and stable app that fulfils their requirements. In the past couple of years, Android has been slowly converting more and more Apple consumers into the loyal Android users. Thanks to the Android's elite functionalities and easy to use user-interface this mobile operating system has been able to earn 85% shares in the mobile OS sector. 

The Android apps have the ability to extend the functionality of the device on which they are installed. When it comes to Android app development, everything can be done using the SDK (software development kit) which offers an extensive set of development tools such as a debugger, software libraries, handset emulator, sample codes, tutorials for newbies, documentation and much more. Java is the primary scripting language used in the Android OS because of which the developers can gain access to Android APIs (Application Programming Interface). 

There are several other app development tools for the Android Developers and they are usually available in the Native Development Kit, Google App Inventor which offers a great visual environment for the amateur programmers and for the wide range of cross-platform frameworks for mobile web applications. If you are not technically sound then it will be good to take help of an experienced app development company which will help you get through this phase. 

When it comes to selecting the right firm, it is good to do an extensive market research and shortlist that firm which abides by the development guidelines laid out by Google, guarantees that your app won't have any doggy surprises and will meet your expectations. Make sure the app developer which you will hire for your project should do a comprehensive app testing, security checks and also offer 24/7 technical support so in the case of any emergency you can get in touch with the developer. 

Once you are done with the development stage, it's time to publish it on the Google Play. Before making your app live, Google developers will first test run it and if everything is fine then they will officially post in their app store. Google play is the primary app store that is installed on all Android Devices that comply with Google's compatibility requirements.

The Google's app store works just like Apple's App Store for iOS devices. At present, Google Play has over 2.5 million Android Apps and the market the for Android application development is continually growing day by day.


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