Tuesday, 14 March 2017

7 Tips For A Rewarding E-Commerce Mobile App

With the rising number of mobile users around the world, all the leading brands have turned to smartphones as a great source of profit. Today, if a brand is not able to represent itself on smartphones, it simply loses a huge chunk of organic traffic to its competitors. So, in order to make profits and retain the loyal customers, it is advised to come up with a robust app that can serve the needs of the users.

Nowadays, businesses are always on a hunt for a mobile development company that can deliver them with an amazing mobile app. These apps have proven themselves time and again and helped businesses grow. With more than 80% of the leading brands gone mobile, it has become the popular platform to reach out the masses and expand the customer domain. Here are 7 crucial tips that will help you create an amazing E-Commerce mobile app:

User-friendly Interface And Navigation

Always remember that the screens of smartphones and tablets are way lesser than that of the desktops. So, the app should be crafted as per the available space and resources. The user interface should be easy yet, sharp and nothing important should be more than two clicks away.

Conservative Design Aesthetics

Use crisp and direct words to target the attention of the visitors. A precise mobile app development should be able to create an engaging design which also brings out the benefits of the products you are offering to your customers.

Retina Optimised Images

The images which display the actual products should be pixel-perfect and give a brief idea about how the product actually looks in real life. Use compressed yet quality images for product descriptions.

Skillfully Choose The Color Codes 

Picking up the right colour combination can be quite a task. For the best results, you can get in touch with a professional mobile development company for choosing the right colors. Use relevant color combination to make navigation easy and keep the customers engaged.

Upfront Categories And Sub-categories

Your home page should feature the very first level of product hierarchy and should be followed by a well-organised list of sub categories. This will help your customers know of all the products and services you have to offer.

Prevent Automated Carousels 

Automatic carousels are mostly frowned upon by the online visitors just like too many pop-ups. It is advised to the mobile app development services that they should display the best selling and most recommended products on the top of the search results. Rather than the pop-ups, a static image will let the customers come up with the decisions and navigate the website for more options.

Easy Checkout

One of the most important aspects of a successful E-Commerce mobile app is the checkout page. Rather than being hectic and time-consuming, the checkout page should assist the customers in making the payment and securely log off. The shopping cart should have the options to add more products as well as checkout. Merging the price tags makes it easier for the customers to shop online. Use minimum ads and other distractions that might hinder the process of checkout and confuse the customers.

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