Monday, 20 March 2017

Android App Development Is The Future. Read How

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and wearables, the android OS market is experiencing a significant boom. Many web development companies have turned into a full-time android development company, given the emerging trend of the web sphere. With android devices selling as hot cakes, such companies are making huge profits and taking application development to a further dimension.

Some of the unmatched features such as cost-effective app development tools, open source SDK, robust media supportive platform etc make android an amazing platform. Companies hire android developers who can make use of the available tools and come up with a powerful and productive mobile application. 

The potential of the android platform can be well imagined by the fact that currently 500,000+ apps are being installed by android users almost every day. These apps range from gaming, education and business to entertainment, social media and everything imaginable.

When we take android application development into account, the primary requirement to creating a profitable app is to have a visionary approach. First of all, the designers and the developers need to pen down the requirements and goals of the app and then pick the effective resources for development. Utilizing the latest and reliable tools for development makes allows the developers to create an app which becomes a hit and gets appreciated by all.

With android being an open source platform, the developers working with android have the freedom to create the app as per their convenience. They can pick from the coding language they want as well as choose the tools they find easier to operate. Android is compatible with all kinds of media formats such as:

  • MPC
  • MPEG4
  • WAV
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • H.264
  • H.253
  • MIDI

Some of the unmatched features of the android application development, which are unimaginable with any other mobile development platform include synchronization, utilization of limited mobile device resources, offline app functionalities and much more. The Google Play Store is brimmed with social networking apps, which includes every social media channel available out there.

All android devices have the screen touch functionality, accelerometer, GPS, dual camera, magnetometer various options for media sharing and much more. Android smartphones and tablets are dominating the digital market, given their significant cost-to-feature aspect. With the right choices of apps for business and personal usage, your android devices can turn out to be a powerful tool to handle your business activities.


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