Thursday, 2 March 2017

Few factors to bear in mind before starting app development

At present, both newcomers and trade experts are experiencing a prosperous period right now, especially in the mobile app development sector. Thanks to rising sales of the handheld devices (smartphones and tablets), the mobile applications have been able to gain great supremacy in the tech sector. Those who invest time and money into building apps are getting high returns that too in a stipulated timeframe.

However, there are small details which make all the difference. There are some possible mistakes which you can do during the iPhone App Development process. In this article, you will come across some pretty basic but easy to overlook factors which lay the foundation of the feature-rich app. Here are some top things that you should bear in mind while building the mobile app for iOS platform.

Don’t go into development without a plan

Developing an app without a plan can leading to some serious losses. So it's better to first figure out your requirements, chalk out a plan and then move forward. Several people ignore this step because of which the success of their app is jeopardised.


No one wants to use an app which offers a similar functionality like others. To make your app stand apart, hire skilled and experienced iPhone developers who will help you come up with unique features. Moreover, iOS App Store promotes those apps which offer something innovative to users. So come with some out of the box features.

Put yourself in the user’s shoes

You might have the most genuine and amazing app idea but it is nothing if you are not able to convert it into an actual app. For once, try to put yourself into user's shoes. You have to invest a considerable amount of time into making an app as user-friendly as possible. If you are the app is not liked by the target audience, then all your hard work will go in vain.

Submit your app to rigorous testing

It's mandatory to put your app through the testing phase. In this process, the app undergoes rigorous testing (real life situations) so that developers can pick out flaws which are still present in the app's front-end & back-end functioning. Once the errors are detected, eliminate them and re-test your app at least one more time. It's better to delay the release rather than to harm your app's & company's reputation by launching an app full of bugs.

Any feedback is good feedback

Another mistake made by the developers is they don't call out for any additional help. It doesn't matter how many apps you have developed in the past, how much experience or skills you possess, don't hesitate to consult your fellow developers or people working around you. It's good to share and discuss your work with others. If you put your app through beta testing, make sure you analyse the feedback given by beta testers.


There's always a room for improvement. Try to follow best practices so that you can come up with the flawless and quality product. 

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