Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why iOS Mobile App Development Will Rule In 2017

Although the number of android users is more than the ones using the iOS, it is undeniably the Apple products that win the argument for which are the most preferred ones. Now, this may be surprising, given the ocean of android users around the world. The unmatched quality and robust apps are the primary reason iOS being a hit worldwide.

To begin with, iOS app development is relatively cheaper than creating apps on the android platform. Mobile app developers around the world can verify the fact that it takes more time and money to create an android app than creating it for iOS.

Apple as a brand is renown for a loyal fan base. This is simply due to the fact that iPhone users stick to using Apple smartphones, which is not the case with android users. This one of the main reason why iOS apps are often released as a paid version yet, people download them in millions.

iPhones are typically expensive than the android smartphones. In order to serve the iPhone users with the experience they are expecting, companies hire iOS developers to create custom apps for entertainment, business, gaming and much more. Given the wide range of domains the iOS apps are capable of, the apps are an amazing marketing tool for growing as well as well-established businesses.

One of the primary reasons iOS mobile apps dominate the app market is the user experience. iOS apps are relatively easy to use and reliable in the long run. The iOS apps are always a preferred choice for companies looking out for custom apps to enhance their productivity. Even if someone has not used mobile apps in the past, they find it easier to work with iOS app than the android applications.

For iOS app development, the user experience is always the main concern. With a streamlined and simple interface, they help the users achieve their targets in an efficient way. Android may be the leader of the market in terms of Number of devices sold annually and a number of apps downloaded from the Play Store daily.

Yet, it is way behind when it comes to generating revenue from the featured apps. Apple phone users are well known to be loyal to the brand and willing spend money on apps. So, the revenue metrics of the iOS apps will continue to rank higher over android apps.

Apple phone users stick to the smartphone brand, given the unmatched experience and functionalities they are served with. This is rarely seen in the case of Android mobile phones. As a result, with more and more people switching to the iPhone, creating iOS apps is a profitable business venture.

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