Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Obvious yet Overlooked PHP Programing Tips to Boost your Skills

PHP is in the market for the past two decades, and ever since then, it has never seen a dip in its progress. Many programming languages came and exited the market but PHP stood graciously throughout these years. Plus, it was not there to just simply stay but there was a rapid growth in the sector and it went on to gain the position of one of the most popular programming language around in the Web application development phase.

A majority of websites are developed using PHP programming code, moreover, an enormous number of Web-based projects and scripts are dependent on this popular language. There are a lot of tutorials and online help that one can easily get online. However, in this tutorial, i have accumulated simple yet important points that you need to know while learning this programming language. So, let's start the journey of learning this language.

I hope these programming tips and techniques helps you in improving your proficiency over the language as well as your coding acumen. Further, this will also help you to create responsive websites with new improved performance levels.

Use a Cheat sheet for SQL Injection: SQL Injection can create a lot of pain at times. This might prove to be a security loop-hole allowing a malicious hacker to enter into your database by utilizing this vulnerability to the fullest.  MySQL database is used in PHP programming code so if you are aware of this then you can easily write secure and scalable code. Must have the skills to distinguish between the comparison operators:

Comparison operators are one of the most crucial parts of PHP programming language. However, few coders are unable to figure out the difference between them.

Moreover, it has been seen that programmers were at times unable to differentiate between these comparison operators in one go.

Make sure to use str_replace() instead of ereg_replace() and preg_replace():

Considering the overall efficiency of the project, str_replace() is regarded more efficient instead of the regular string replace expressions. According to statistics, str_replace() tends to improve the code's efficiency by 61% if used in place of any regular expressions for instance  ereg_replace() and preg_replace().

Make use ternary operators while coding:

Instead of writing lengthy if/else statements in your PHP programming code, one can use ternary operator. These operators reduce your code and therefore enhancing the readability of your program. This makes the programming code looks well managed, thereby making it quite legible for any future reference in case of encountering any errors in the future.

However, you need to make sure that you do not use more than one ternary operator in one line of code.

Make sure to use a PHP Framework: It is not possible to use a single PHP Framework for different projects that will cross your path. As for we have different frameworks depending on the requirements of the projects such as  CakePHP, Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter, and Symfony. These different frameworks work greatly in order to reduce turnaround time of developing a web project.

A framework is a software that comprises of all the functionalities that are needed commonly by all kind of projects and thus provides developers a comfortable environment to speed up the process of developing a website.

Using a framework will help you to reduce your responsibility as from then the framework will manage all your repetitive tasks and thereby allowing you to concentrate on innovation the unexplored avenues of that particular sector.  This will expedite your development process and thus reduces the overall turn around time of your project.

Moreover, this also helps you to save your testing time as the lesser you will code the lesser will be the chances of getting errors and debugging. This thus helps you to improve the speed of your overall development process.

Use the right suppression operator: The @ symbol is known as the error suppression operator.

It is used to see all the expressions in a particular PHP expression and to do this you need to place it front of the PHP expression you need to find out.

Rather than use strlen, opt for isset: If your program requires you to implement a function for checking a string's length, then make sure to use isset function instead of strlen.

Isset improved the working of your function and works five times faster as compared to other regular functions. Using an isset will help you get a valid function call despite not having a non-existent variable. Though this is quite a small change, nonetheless it must be remembered for improved coding skills. 

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