Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Why developers prefer building ASP.NET applications?

Well, comparing two completely different coding languages or two closely associated languages is a complete waste of time. The reason behind this is simple, why compare English & Spanish or PHP with .NET, when they both have a different use, taste and audience base. In regard of this, instead of focusing on X is superior or inferior to Y, the primary aim of this blog is to concentrate on the facts which prove that why developers are comfortable using ASP.NET compared to competing platforms.

The .NET MVC Development Framework was launched in the year 2009 and within 8 years this platform has been able to gain a huge user base. In this blog, you will come across some of the leading reasons which prove that why developers use ASP.NET for app development process. In case you are not proficient in this coding language then it will be good if you hire an experienced expert. Here are some reasons:

HTML 5 Support and Web API

The latest versions of ASP.NET offer developers enhanced support for different form types specifically to HTML 5 such as colour, date pickers, search, range, URL, number and much more. In the past, most of these forms were created or designed separately prior to being integrated into an app. This new support feature allows developers save a good amount of time.

Security covers Provided By HTML5 Web Sockets and Open Id Support

From the version 4.5 above, the .NET Developer can gain access to advanced security features which include Web Sockets. With the help Web sockets, developers can ensure dual communication which takes place between the web server and the client’s browser. Moreover, there are several ways through which the developer can leverage this feature while building the web app. To enhance this functionality, you have to take help of Microsoft Visual Studio 11. Open Id support offers additional security cover.

Robust Programming Support and the New Grid View Control

All the recently introduced versions of the .NET features support the reoccurring programming which enables the developers to quickly read as well as code the HTTP queries & requests without using the OS threads. The all new Grid View Control serves as a key tool for the ASP.NET app development. In the past couple of years, this tool has been improved to a great extent. The Grid View Content is efficient in performing tasks such as sorting & paging of large data sets.

Unique Model Binding Properties and Value Providers

The new version of ASP.NET comes loaded with a unique model binding properties which permit web coders to easily isolate specific web forms from the model that too as per the client’s requirement. This functionality assists in Web forms independently from the model as well as unit testing each form separately. The best thing is that it brings down the chances of any errors that might creep into the final version of the app.

Summing Up

In this blog, you will come across some reasons which make ASP.NET so special. Make sure that you hire the best service provider for your web development project.

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