Tuesday, 13 June 2017

iOS vs Android : A Rivalry that Continues

The Android vs iOS is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to the mobile app development sector and experts always weigh them for their credibility. This battle is a very long one and continues for several years, and there is a continuous tussle for supremacy between these leading platform by the stalwarts Google and Apple.

As per a recently conducted survey of the market, there are around 65% of the Android users when it comes to the smartphone sector and there are only around 35% of the iOS users. From this one can infer that Android is leading when it comes to the popularity of the mobile app development. Moreover, the tussle is also among the Android Developers and the iOS developers. However, we cannot rule out the fact that Apple’s iOS still is the rule when it comes to quality as well features of Mobile App Development services.  

The confusion of choosing Android or iOS is lingering among developers as well as the end users. In short, we can say that if your budget is quite good then you can certainly opt for iOS and if you do not wish to spend extravagantly then you can certainly go for Android.
In this blog, we will discuss all the points about iOS vs Android debate.

1. Programming Language 

We know that iOS is dependent on Objective-C. Therefore, it is quite to develop apps for those who have the knowledge of C or C++. Whereas, Android is based on Java and it is difficult for them who is not aware of the language. Moreover, Apple also launched Swift which has replaced Objective-C.

2. Time and cost 

Time and cost are the two major things you need to look at while developing your mobile app. Both these things are intertwined, as the development process goes costlier the more you log in. The primary aim of the developers is to improve their efficiency as much as possible. We all are aware of the fact that it is takes much more time to develop an iOS app than an Android. We can also say that an iOS app is much costlier an Android app.

3. Developing tools 

Nowadays, mobile app developers use Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for constructing the architecture for their mobile apps. Android developers make use of the Android Studio and iOS app developers generally depend on the Xcode. For Android applications, you do not have to pay any fee after paying 25$ to publish your app on Google Play. However, Xcode can be downloaded for free and can be used without paying anything.  However, it is compulsory to join the Apple’s Developer Program in order to publish your App on the App Store. For this, you need to pay $99. 

4. Support tools 

Both these mobile platforms offer an ample lot of resources. For instance, walkthroughs, tutorials, sample apps as well as code that helps the developers in knowing the use of APIs. In Android, you can get a complete set up of SDK which is built in advance and his set-up can be offline as well. Along with this Android is open-source software and further one can go for a detailed examination of the framework. Plus, Android also renders your reference points for a proper development process. Wherein, these all things are not possible in Apple’s iOS.

Summing Up

As we know that there is no reason or logic behind one’s logic, therefore it’s one’s choice that revolves around the ambitions of the mobile app which you wish to develop. The thing which is required is that you need to evaluate your target audience as well as your development budget before opting for your mobile app platform.

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